How To Style Your Sofa

How To Style Your Sofa
We get requests for cushion combinations many times per day. Hence why we have recently introduced the FREE moodboard service to help. Lucky for us all, we design our cushions to effortlessly mix and match with each other. However, here are five of our favourites. We will had a few pointers as we go!! 

  • Decide on your grouping of cushions by paying attention to size and pattern. Start with the larger cushion at the back and layer in smaller cushions and lumbars.
Alpine Luxe

  • Choose a cohesive colour palette (take inspiration from paintings, rugs, curtains within the room).
Devonshire Style

  • Avoid competing patterns (mix the larger print with the smaller scale patterns). Two small scale patterns alongside with each other will argue.

Terracotta Warmth

  • Settle the eyes and with plains.
Urban Alpine

  • Add texture (whether its a tassel, velvets, or tufted)



Hope this helped! Please get in contact if you wish to take advantage of our FREE moodboarding service

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